Over the years this restaurant has seduced Mario Monicelli and Pedro Almodovar, Giuseppe Tornatore and Takeshi Kitano, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, Saramago and Simple Minds, Claudia Schiffer and Joaquín Cortés.

La Chiostrina restaurant, situated on the ground floor of the Hotel Bernini, can certainly count on its striking atmosphere: located in a historic and recently restored 16th-century portico, enhanced by the natural light entering from the inner courtyard, the restaurant practically looks out onto Palazzo Vecchio, a few yards from Michelangelo’s David and the bridges on the Arno. The setting also makes it a much sought-after location for romantic evenings.

The menu? One devised to satisfy everyone, whether in love or not. The choices range from meat – beef tenderloin tagliata flavoured with aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil with potatoes – to fish: from shellfish caciucchino soup with crispy black rice alla Fiorentina to bass baked in Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and liquorice. There is also no shortage of menu items associated with the regional tradition: a taster of Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by fresh tomato and pumpkin mustard crostoncino, plus the inevitable pappa al pomodoro. The wine cellar offers a wide selection of wines from the territory.