It was back in the year 1300 when the Frescobaldi family acquired the Castiglioni Estate, in nearby Montespertoli, giving rise to one of Italy’s most important winemaking traditions, already appreciated starting from 1500 by the Papal Court and by the English Crown under Henry VIII.

Today, over 700 years later, the Frescobaldis’ wine cultivating properties include over 10 farms in Tuscany, where every label is produced following a centuries-old tradition handed down from generation to generation. The opening of Ristorante Frescobaldi Firenze has confirmed the perfect match between Frescobaldi wines and quality Tuscan cuisine, made available every day in an exceptional location in the heart of Piazza della Signoria. The restaurant is the result of the partnership between Diana Frescobaldi and Good Food Society, a company specialising in top-level catering, and is a tribute to Tuscany, to local raw materials and appreciation of the seasonal products of the territory. Inside its warm and inviting retro-style rooms designed by Spanish studio Lazaro Design, guests can taste the creations of chef Roberto Reatini, who combines dishes from the local tradition, wisely influenced by recipes of Northern and Southern Italian regions, with a touch of experimentation.

Every morning the kitchens of the restaurant bake Apulian focaccia, crostini with rosemary and traditional or wholegrain breads, ideal for soaking, according to the Tuscan tradition, in Laudemio extra virgin olive oil produced on the Frescobaldi farms. Their fresh pasta is entirely home-made and comes in the form of seasonal recipes including ‘tagliolini with black truffles’, ‘linguine Verrigni with lobster, chili and tomato’ or ‘pappardelle with veal cheek and rosemary croutons’. These are followed by main fish courses such as ‘roast bass with purple mashed potatoes and glasswort’ and meat, including, needless to say, ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina with roast seasonal vegetables’, which can also be tasted in two small private mosaic-floored rooms or else outdoors, for those who prefer to dine immersed in the beauty of Piazza della Signoria