This is one of the 11 Villages in Europe and China belonging to The Bicester Village Shopping Collection® by Value Retail: a place where hospitality makes the shopping experience memorable. The Village is located in the Emilia-Romagna region, 2 hours from Florence.

Open daily 10am-8pm 10am-11pm Thursdays only.

WHERE: halfway between Bologna and Milan, near Parma. Take the A1-E35 motorway
and exit at Fidenza/Salsomaggiore Terme.

WHAT: an exclusive shopping experience with a Virtual Shopping Service allowing
you to shop directly via WhatsApp, phone or email. Over 120 boutiques of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands at reduced prices (up to 70% off).

NOT ONLY SHOPPING: the Village pays homage to the region’s rich cultural and
gastronomic heritage. After your day of shopping, visit one of its restaurants to
indulge in delicious homemade pasta with fresh Parmesan cheese from nearby Parma.