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Date(s) - Sep 22 , 2022 - Jan 22 , 2023

Palazzo Strozzi

Nel Tuo Tempo


Nel Tuo Tempo is the largest exhibition of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson ever held in Italy to date. With light and shadows, reflections and colours, the artist engages Renaissance architecture in an evocative path of installations that place the dialogue between space and visitor at the centre, enhancing the themes of subjective perception and shared experience.

The artist works on all Renaissance spaces at Palazzo Strozzi, from the courtyard to the Piano Nobile, creating an engaging journey between new installations and historical works that use elements such as colour, water and light to create an interaction with our senses and the Renaissance space. The architectural, historical and symbolic context of the palazzo is thus rethought, enhancing the role of the public as an integral part of the works.